Cosmetic Dentistry

Having a winning smile makes a great first impression. But what if you have missing, broken, crooked, or discolored teeth? If you feel self-conscious about your smile, you’re not alone. But there’s no need to hide your smile any longer! Frisco Dental Implant Center offers a full range of cosmetic dentistry procedures to give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of!

Full Mouth Restorations

Age, accidents, illness, or a lack of proper dental care may cause you to lose all of your natural teeth or to require your remaining teeth to be removed. Fortunately, restorations have come a long way. While old-style dentures are still an option, technology has allowed us to develop a much better alternative, as long as your underlying bone structure can support them.

Dental implants provide structure for either removable or permanent full mouth restorations. Implants embedded in your bones hold your dentures in place. You no longer have to worry about them falling out or slipping. And if you choose permanent restorations, you’ll never need to worry about removing your dentures for cleaning again. Instead, you’ll have a full set of lifelike restorations that mimic your natural teeth so you can be proud of your smile again. Learn about options for full-mouth restorations here.

Dental Bridges

If you are missing a few teeth but don’t yet need full mouth restoration, dental bridges are a perfect option. We’ll surgically implant one or more titanium screws into your bone, providing a sturdy structure for your bridge. Then, once your implant has fused into place, we’ll cover it with a dental bridge that looks and functions just like your natural teeth. With proper care, your restored smile will last a lifetime.

Root Canal Therapy and Dental Crowns

Root canal therapy allows you to save your natural teeth when they become so infected or decayed that they would otherwise need extracting. During your root canal, the decayed interior pulp of your tooth gets removed. Your tooth will then be covered and supported by a custom-made dental crown to match your surrounding teeth. Also, dental crowns can be used for covering damaged and discolored teeth, providing you with a durable and beautiful way to restore your smile.

Dental Fillings

Both adults and children are vulnerable to cavities, which require repairing with dental fillings. Sometimes, chipped and broken teeth are also restorable with dental fillings. Thankfully, new materials allow us to create fillings that blend in with the rest of your tooth. Your smile will be good as new in no time!

Teeth Whitening

We all want to have a white, bright smile, but it’s all too easy for our teeth to become discolored. Food, drinks, medicines, tobacco use, diseases, poor dental hygiene, environmental factors, aging, trauma and genetics can all cause teeth discoloration. Fortunately, Dr. Hardy can brighten your smile with professional teeth whitening. Schedule a consultation today to discuss your options.

If you are embarrassed to smile for photos or even speak due to problems with your teeth, we can help. Let us restore your confidence and your smile with cosmetic dentistry. Give us a call or try our free virtual consult service to get started.

Single Tooth Replacement Options

Multi Tooth Replacement and Consequences of Missing Teeth

Dental Warranty

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