Cosmetic Dentistry

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Cosmetic Dentistry services offered in Frisco, TX

Cosmetic dentistry reforms your smile so you exude confidence and beauty. At Frisco Dental Implant Center in Frisco, Texas, Alecia Hardy, DDS, provides cosmetic dental procedures to make over your smile. Whether you want a minor change in your smile or a dramatic enhancement, Frisco Dental Implant Center is the place to visit. Call today or use the online tool to schedule an appointment.

Cosmetic Dentistry Q&A

What are cosmetic dentistry procedures?


Dr. Hardy has the experience and skills to get you the smile you can’t wait to show off. The cosmetic procedures she offers include:


Teeth whitening

Dingy teeth dull your smile. Professional teeth whitening helps you get a bright white smile that stands out. 



If you have teeth that are misshapen, uneven, or mildly gapped, veneers are a simple answer. The procedure involves placing a very thin porcelain sheet over your teeth to create a uniform smile. 


Crowns and bridges

Crowns are sturdy and match your natural smile. They fit over damaged, misshapen, or cracked teeth. Crowns also serve as anchors for bridges, restorations that can fill in gaps in your smile, or top off dental implants. 



Dental implants fill in your smile when you have missing teeth due to disease or trauma. These permanent metal posts are implanted into your jawbone and topped with a crown or supported dentures. You get natural-feeling and -looking results.



Invisalign clear plastic aligners reform an irregular bite and crooked teeth. A discreet alternative to braces, Invisalign treatments are customized to you. 


Are cosmetic dentistry procedures necessary?

Cosmetic dentistry procedures are not always medically necessary, but they are certainly worth it when it comes to improving your self-confidence. Specific cosmetic procedures are also necessary for your dental health; these include root canals to fix a tooth that’s infected to the pulp and fillings to treat cavities.

Dental crowns and implants are cosmetic but also medically necessary because they help you chew and speak properly and prevent further degradation of your smile.

How do I get started with cosmetic dentistry procedures?

Your first step is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Hardy. She’ll do a thorough review of your oral health and dental fixtures. Before completing any cosmetic procedures, she’ll address concerns, such as gum disease or tooth decay. 

Dr. Hardy crafts a customized treatment plan designed to address your biggest smile concerns. If you desire multiple treatments, she’ll schedule them in an order that makes sense for your best smile results.

Call Frisco Dental Implant Center today to get started making over your smile. Alternatively, use this website to book an appointment online.